International Scientific Corrosion Conference “Corrosion 2019”

Dear Sir/Madam,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee we have the honour to invite you to the International Scientific Corrosion Conference “Corrosion 2019” which will be held in Warsaw, Poland, from 27 to 29 May, 2019.


The Corrosion 2019 conference is a continuation of a series of the Polish Corrosion Society meetings, which is organized periodically every three years. This conference is the major event in Poland in the field of corrosion science and engineering and will be a great opportunity to meet and interact with academia, industry and end users within recent developments in all areas of corrosion and corrosion protection. The conference program will include plenary and keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations and young scientist session organized within the various scientific topics.


The conference covers the following topics:

  • Corrosion protection (WP1)
  • Corrosion and Scale Inhibition (WP2)
  • Coatings: Metallic Coatings, Inorganic Coatings, Organic Coatings, Pretreatments, Self-healing Coatings (WP3)
  • Environmentally Assisted Cracking (WP4)
  • Passivity and Localized Corrosion (WP5)
  • Biocompatibility of Biomedical Alloys and Implant Devices (WP6)
  • Environmental Corrosion: Marine, Atmospheric (WP7)
  • Corrosion by Hot Gases and Combustion Products (WP8)
  • Corrosion in Oil and Gas Production, Refinery and Petrochemistry (WP9)
  • Nuclear Corrosion (WP10)
  • Microbial Corrosion (WP11)
  • Corrosion of Steel in Concrete (WP12)
  • Tribocorrosion (WP13)
  • Corrosion of Non-metallic Materials (WP14)
  • Corrosion mechanisms, methods and modelling (WP15)

Papers submitted for the conference will be published in the journals:

The Conference  participation fee amounts to EUR 650, for registration before 15th January, 2019After this date the participation fee increases. We offer discounts for students and PhD students.


For more details about the Conference please visit the conference homepage:


We would be delighted to have you present at this esteem event to share fascinations, insights and advances in Corrosion. The registration and submission of the abstracts is open.


I do hope that you will be able to confirm your attendance.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to your presence.


With best regards,

Jerzy Robert Sobiecki,

Chairman of Corrosion 2019 Conference

Faculty of Materials Science & Engineering, WUT