Webinar of the World Corrosion Organization on the occasion of Corrosion Awareness Day

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­Corrosion and Low Carbon Energies

Webinar of the World Corrosion Organization on the occasion of
Corrosion Awareness Day

Friday, 24 April 2020, 14:00 – 16:00 CET­­­­­­­­­­­
­­Dear colleague,
the COVID-19 crisis has an impact on nearly every aspect of life and we hope that you and your families are well. Nevertheless, life goes on and Corrosion Awareness Day is approaching rapidly.
This year the World Corrosion Organization (WCO) has organized a Webinar dealing with Corrosion and Low Carbon Energies. The topic is of paramount interest at the moment because of the shift from fossil fuel-based energy production to low carbon energies.
We have organized a panel of internationally renowned speakers on this topic; the program can be found below.


Chair: Damien Féron (CEA, France)Raul R. Rebak (GE, USA) Environmental Degradation of Light Water Reactor Fuel Rods in the Entire Fuel Cycle
 Digby D. Macdonald (University of California at Berkeley, USA) Corrosion issues in Fusion Reactors
 Gareth Hinds (NPL, UK) Cost reduction of water electrolysers via insights into anode current collector corrosion
 Ralph Bässler (BAM, Germany) Corrosive CO2-stream components, challenging for materials to be used in CC(U)s applications
 Polina Volovitch (ENSCP, France) Corrosion & solar panels 
We would be happy if you could join the Webinar which is of course free of charge. You can listen to the presentations which show the state of the art and discuss current developments with the experts.
Please use the link below to get your free access to the webinar.

Looking forward to meeting you soon at our Corrosion and Low Carbon Energy event.

Willi Meier                                                                             
Director General, WCO