EFC newsletter

EFC havi hírlevelét az alábbi pdf tartalmazza, amelyben a jövőévi Budapesten rendeződő Eurocorr2021-es konferenciáról is megtalálhatók információk.


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the EFC newsletter.

Life goes on even in these very difficult times and the EFC is certainly going on well under the circumstances. As Arjan’s letter says we have been making the very best of it that we can! As a participant in the virtual EUROCORR I would like to add my thanks to the organisers for a successful and cleverly put together event. In fact it will be reported in the next four issues of Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology. As I write this there is much talk of vaccine for Covid-19 becoming available and being mass distributed. If that happens it would enable the meetings in the middle to latter part of 2021 particularly EUROCORR 2021 to be held face to face, and I’m sure we would all like to meet in Budapest, a city I have been to two or three times and much enjoyed. But if that is not possible we know that the virtual event will be the next best thing.

Anyway back to this newsletter; there are lots of interesting articles in here. And even a Christmas card on the last page.

Enjoy your reading!

Douglas Mills (EFC Newsletter Editor)
Louise Atkin (Assistant Editor)