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­­­­Dear Readers,
Welcome to another edition of the EFC newsletter.
The big event since the highly successful EUROCORR in Seville (see short report herein) has been the China Academy of Sciences and EFC joint conference in Chongqing. By all accounts this was very successful and we have a report later in this newsletter. Among other good things there is a report on the activities of the Nuclear Working Party who, in our opinion, have been exemplary in terms of their activity, ability to get full papers produced for EUROCORR, and giving out prizes! 
There is also information herein about YOUNG EFC. The deadline for submissions for the Young Scientists’ Grant (enhanced this year) is 15 February 2020.
This edition also contains info on EUROCORR 2020. Note the Deadline for papers is 15 January. There is also Information for Exhibitors. Note the special offer deadline of 20 February.
We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.
Douglas Mills
EFC Newsletter Editor
Ruth Bingham
Assistant Editor­­­­

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